We know life is full of unforeseen expenses.  Don’t let a major car repair bill one of them.  RideShare Guardian comprehensive bumper-to-bumper coverage will keep your car running so you can continue to focus on what’s important–providing for your family.

RideShare Guardian covers your vehicle bumper-to-bumper.  The list of covered parts is way too long so it is easier to list what is not covered.

  • Interior maintenance, adjustment and wear items including buttons, carpet, water leaks, dash pad, door and window handles, knobs, rearview mirror (glass and housing), and trim.
  • Exterior maintenance, adjustments and wear items including but not limited to glass, service adjustments for body parts, bright metal, bumpers, body panels, door handles, latches, hinges, moldings, outside ornamentation, convertible or vinyl tops, paint rust, sheet metal, side-view mirrors (glass and housing), air and water leaks, weather strip, wheel covers/ornaments, wind noise, and physical damage to alignment, bumper, or body parts.
  • Service adjustments/cleaning, a contaminated fuel system, air conditioning recharge, batteries, hybrid batteries, battery cables, fuses, relays, bolts, and fasteners, belts, brakes (drums, shoes, linings, disc rotors and pads), exhaust system (including a catalytic converter), lights (bulbs, sealed beam and lenses), manual clutch, pressure plate throw out bearings, clutch master or slave cylinder, manual transmission clutch disc and lining, shock absorbers, spark plugs and wires, squeaks or other noises, tires, tune-ups, wheel balancing and alignment, wheel studs, wiper blades, shop supplies, friction materials, glass, hoses (except steering and air conditioning).  Filters, lubricants, coolants and refrigerants will be covered only if replacement is required in connection with a breakdown.
  • A replacement part not supplied by the vehicle manufacturer, unless it is of a kind and quality compatible with the design specifications and wear tolerances of the vehicle manufacturer.
  • Cases, housing, engine block and cylinder heads are covered only if damaged by the failure of an internally lubricated part.
  • Graphic equalizers, DVD players, VHS players, speakers, visual and other electronic equipment (including game systems), telephones, radar detectors and GPS equipment (unless factory installed), and electronic transmitting/receiving devices.
  • Seals and gaskets on covered parts are not covered for premature failure on vehicles over 150,000 miles on the odometer at the time of failure.  After 150,000 miles seals and gaskets will be covered only if required in conjunction with a covered repair.
The amount indicated on the declaration page that you must pay for the repair of a breakdown.  A deductible doesn’t apply to emergency roadside assistance, substitute transportation or trip interruption coverage.

Yes and it may increase the value of the car.

  • You have requested a transfer request from Us within 15 days of the change of ownership of the vehicle.
  • Within 30 days of change of ownership you provide us with the following:
  1. Copies of sales receipts, invoices or work orders showing the date, mileage, and services performed to evidence that all of the manufacturer’s maintenance requirements have been met.
  2. Documented certification of the vehicle’s odometer reading at the time of ownership transfer.
  3. If applicable, copies of all documents sent to the manufacturer to effect transfer of your factory warranty.  Any remaining manufacturer’s warranty must also be transferred at the same time as vehicle ownership transfer.
  4. A transfer fee of $50 dollars.  Only a check or a money order will be accepted.
  5. The completed transfer request form with all required signatures.
  • If the transferee does not receive a confirmation of transfer within 45 days after change of ownership, the transferee should notify us

The following are covered emergencies, subject to the one hundred ($100) per occurrence limit. Roadside Assistance is available 24 hours a day/365 days a year anywhere in the United States (including Alaska & Hawaii) and Canada.  The following non-accident related services are available up to a maximum benefit of $100 per incident:

  • Towing Assistance–When towing is necessary, the covered vehicle will be towed to the nearest qualified service facility or to another located requested by the driver of the covered vehicle.
  • Flat Tire Assistance–Service consists of the removal of the covered vehicle’s flat tire and its replacement with the spare tire located with the covered vehicle, or the service provider will drive you to the closest tire store for repair.
  • Fuel, Oil, Fluid and Water Delivery Service–An emergency supply of fuel (3 gallons), oil, fluid and water will be delivered if the covered vehicle is in immediate need.  You must pay for the fuel or another fluid when it is delivered.
  • Lock-Out Assistance–If your keys are locked inside the covered vehicle, assistance will be provided to gain entry into the covered vehicle.
  • Battery Assistance–If battery failure occurs, a jump start will be provided to start your covered vehicle.
The repair facility is reimbursed directly via credit card payment once the claim is approved and the repair is completed.
Yes.  RideShare Guardian provides nationwide coverage.  You can use any licensed repair facility.
A copy of your contract will be emailed to you once the payment is processed.
We accept PayPal, major credit cards, and offer a payment plan.
Call us at 888-585-2525 to discuss this exciting opportunity.
In the event the purchase price of your agreement is being paid for through a Payment Plan (or its equivalent) which is terminated for non-payment, the term and mileage limit of this agreement will be modified to reflect the portion of the agreement that you paid for.  The modified term and mileage limit of the agreement will be calculated on a pro-rata basis by adding the time and mileage that you have paid for to the agreement purchase date and vehicle odometer mileage on the agreement purchase date as listed on the declaration page.  The funding party shall be entitled to any refunds resulting from cancellation of this agreement for any reason including repossession of your vehicle, or total loss of your vehicle. Failure to make monthly payments in a timely manner may result in cancellation of this agreement and no refund will be due and no claims will be approved.
  1. Vehicles not certified for sale within the United States, salvaged vehicles, vehicles that have been declared a total loss, and vehicles that have been sold for scrap.
  2. Trucks or vans with a Gross Vehicle Weight in excess of 13,300 lbs.
  3. Vehicles used for construction purposes, delivery purposes, commercial towing, commercial farm operation, volunteer public services, snow plowing, rental, or any type of emergency vehicle.
  4. Vehicles used for on or off road racing or vehicles which are equipped or used for towing in excess of what is recommended by the manufacturer.
  5. Vehicle with modifications or alterations to the powertrain, exhaust system and suspension that do not meet manufacturer’s specifications or are not approved by the vehicle manufacturer, including but not limited the failure of any custom or add-on part, all frame or suspension modifications not recommended by the manufacturer, lift kits over 6 inches, drops exceeding 4 inches, any tire that is not recommended by the original manufacturer if it creates an odometer/speedometer variance of greater than 4%, trailer hitches (unless factory installed).  Also not covered are any emissions and/or exhaust modifications, engine modifications, and/or drive axle modifications, which includes any performance modifications.
  1. Any repairs and/or replacement not authorized by us prior to the commencement of any repairs or for loss, damage or expense arising from or incurred in connection with repairs performed without receipt of prior authorization from us.
  2. Loss, damage or expense resulting directly from an intentional, dishonest, fraudulent, criminal or illegal act committed by you, your employee or agent, or occurring due to confiscation or repossession.
  3. A breakdown caused by an accident, civil commotion or riot, nuclear contamination, collision (including roadbed collision) or upset, glass breakage, earthquake, explosion, falling objects, fire or smoke, food, fluid contamination, freezing, fuel contamination, fuels containing more than 10% ethanol, Biofuel, gas with lower octane rating that required by the manufacturer, use of motor oil, or any other type of lubricant that is not recommended by the manufacturer, hail, lightning, malicious mischief, oil contamination, rust or corrosion, theft or larceny, vandalism, water, water contamination, wind-storm and other external forces or events.
  4. Breakdown of any part which the United States Environmental Protection Agency has determined to be emission related, which is included on a current list published by the EPA of such parts, and which is within the EPA time and mileage emissions warranty period.
  5. Any loss, damage, or expense normally covered by a standard insurance policy including personal or property liability coverages, comprehensive coverages or uninsured motorist coverages.
  6. When the responsibility for the repair is covered by an insurance policy, manufacturer and/or dealer customer assistance program, or any warranty from the manufacturer, such as extended drivetrain, major component or full coverage warranties, or a repairer’s guarantee/warranty (regardless of the manufacturer’s or repairer’s ability to pay for such repairs) or event of a breakdown if the manufacturer has announced its responsibility through any means, including public recalls and factory service campaigns.
  7. A breakdown that is the direct result of a mechanical or structural flaw the manufacturer has acknowledged through any means, or that the manufacturer will repair and its expense, including but not limited to technical service bulletins.
  8. Breakdown of a covered part caused by a non-covered part.
  9. Components or parts which have not failed or resulted in a breakdown, but are replaced based on the manufacturer’s or the repair facility’s recommendation.
  10. A breakdown caused by negligence, misuse, improper servicing or failure by you to perform manufacturer required/recommended maintenance services.
  11. A breakdown caused by the lack of proper and necessary amounts of coolants or lubricants or caused by sludge buildup, contaminants, or foreign objects.
  12. A breakdown of any part if the odometer is inoperative for than 1 month or 1000 miles or has been tampered with or has been disconnected subsequent to your purchase of the vehicle.
  13. Damage caused by your failure to take reasonable precautions to prevent damage when an apparent problem exists (e. g. change in engine temperature condition, unusual noises, leaking fluids, shaking, unusual shifting, etc).
  14. A breakdown or repair occurring outside of the United States, its territories and possessions, or Canada.
  15. Any fees or expenses charged for the disposal, cleanup, neutralization, removal, treatment or detoxification of environmentally unsafe materials.
  16. Any breakdown occurring before breakdown coverage takes effect.  Coverage begins upon expiration of the validation period.
  17. If the information provided by you, or the repair facility cannot be verified as accurate or is found to be deceptively inaccurate.
  18. Incidental or consequential damages, except as expressly provided otherwise in this agreement, including personal injury, physical damage, loss of use, loss of time, storage charges, inconvenience and commercial loss.
  19. Any pre-existing condition including an covered part that was broken, worn beyond serviceable limits, or making noise at the time of purchase, or any component or system that was not functioning properly upon the first attempt to operate.
  20. All covered parts not in good working order prior to sale for the vehicle.
No.  We know you drive a lot for a living so we provide an unlimited mileage coverage so keep on trucking!
Most claims will be paid with credit card by the administrator.  In rare instances when the repair facility doesn’t accept credit card payment you will be reimbursed with 30 days.