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Why Getting Your Comprehensive Rideshare Guardian Warranty Cover Now Is a Prudent Business Move

by Rideshare Guardian

If you’re in the rideshare business, you’ll know just how important keeping your vehicle on the road is. It’s literally the difference between being able to work and support yourself and having less or no money coming in at all. That’s why getting an extended warranty for your vehicle is not just a savvy move, but one that makes complete business sense.

“It can wait until my car’s a bit older though, right?”

Thinking this way might seem like the sensible path to take – it’s not as if a 2-year-old car is likely to need too much doing to it. Well, neither of those statements are strictly true, as firstly, a car can experience issues at any point due to mechanical or electrical failure and if it’s outside of warranty, you’ll have to foot the bill.

Secondly, if you wait to purchase your extended warranty until the worst happens, you’ll almost certainly have your claim denied due to it being an existing problem. Both scenarios are bad for your car and bad for your business. Our advice is to get yourself covered now and you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that you and your livelihood are protected.

“So, what exactly do I get from Rideshare Guardian Extended Warranty Cover?”

Rideshare Guardian plans are designed to comprehensively protect rideshare businesses against the hazards encountered in their line of work and have a number of useful features:

Nationwide Coverage

Whether your business takes you to the San Francisco on the West Coast or Philadelphia in the East, you are 100% covered. With us, you’ll never have to turn down a lucrative job, just because we don’t cover the area of the US that your customer wants to go to.

Roadside Assistance

The time you need help the most is in the event of a breakdown and our roadside assistance will get you back on the road as soon as possible. They’re a talented bunch of vehicle engineers and they will often get you going again before they leave, but if they can’t, they’ll get you towed free of charge to a licensed mechanic or car dealer. It’s all part of the service.

Just $100 Deductibles!

When you need our help or have any work done, you have the reassurance of knowing that if you require a major repair, you’ll only ever pay out a maximum of $100. When you consider that a new transmission can set you back $2,500 and a new engine can cost upwards of $3,500, the benefits are obvious.

Affordable Peace of Mind

Rideshare Guardian plans start from just $36 per month, which means they are within the reach of even the smallest rideshare enterprise, as well as companies with larger fleets. In fact, if you run a large fleet and decide to take our services for all of your vehicles, we’ll offer you a bulk discount. As long as your cars have done less than 60,000 miles at the time of enrolment, you’re covered!

We even offer 0% financing to all of our members, regardless of status. Think of us as your one-stop rideshare shop!

No Mileage Limit

We know that those in the rideshare business do A LOT of miles and the last thing they need is to be worrying about how many miles they’re doing. It’s an occupational hazard, right? That’s why Rideshare Guardian cover has no mileage limit, so you can get on with your job of keeping your customers happy.

Interested? Get in Touch Now!

So, if you want to give yourself the peace of mind and support you need to keep your business on the road, we’d love to hear from you. Even if your car is under your new car warranty, the chances are that there’s a mileage limit on it and if you go over that, you’re simply not covered!

Getting in touch with us is easy. You can either call us on (888) 585-2525 for advice or a free, no-obligation quote.  Our guys really know their stuff, so they’ll be able to help you find the perfect extended warranty product for your needs.

We thank you for reading our blog and we hope to hear from you in the near future.

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