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Protect Your Rideshare Enterprise During the Festive Season With Rideshare Guardian

by Rideshare Guardian

When you run a rideshare enterprise, the money that it makes is typically relied upon to provide a living to you and your family. And it is also true to say that the fear those in this profession, is always that if your vehicle breaks down, you aren’t earning – something applies doubly during busy periods like Christmas.

You may have noticed that Christmas is just around the corner and it’s during this period that a good proportion of your yearly income is earned, which is why protecting yourself against breakdown is so important. You don’t want to find yourself with your vehicle off the road and unable to repair it due to lack of funds. It sounds awful, but it is a dilemma that many rideshare operators find themselves in. The shame of the matter is that it is avoidable when you align yourself with the right professionals.

100% Nationwide Roadside Assistance

At Rideshare Guardian, we are able to provide roadside assistance when you need it the most, and we cover the entire country. No matter whether you’re in New York or Las Vegas, you don’t have to worry about what would happen in the event of a breakdown.

One quick phone call is all you need to make in this scenario, as someone will be along in double quick time to get you back on the road. The roadside assistance services we provide even covers the cost of the tow truck if they’re not able to get you going, which when you’re not covered, can cost a fortune!

Rideshare Guardian Extended Warranty plans have been designed to offer complete protection to rideshare enterprises against the challenges they face and include a range of useful elements:

Unlimited Mileage

Running a rideshare business involves racking up a lot of mileage, especially if you’re successful. So, if in this scenario, what you absolutely don’t need is a mileage limit on your warranty – it’s counter-intuitive. Even new car warranties have a mileage limit of some sort, which is easily exceeded when you drive for a living.

Rideshare Guardian extended warranties have no limit on mileage at all. As long as your vehicle has done less than 60,000 miles when you join, you can drive to your heart’s and your customers’ content.

Deductibles of Just $100

If during the course of your work, your gearbox develops a fault, or god forbid, your engine seizes, it can be a pretty worrying time. With new engine’s costing more than $3.500 and gearbox transmission replacement making a similar sized hole in your finances, there’s a good reason to worry!

That is unless you have one of our plans, which carry just a $100 deductible, even for the biggest repair jobs. Real peace of mind indeed for the rideshare business owner.

With the Reach of All Budgets

Despite the huge amount of support they offer, our plans start from as little as $36 per month, which makes them affordable to even one man, one car operations. We also offer 0% financing to every single one of our members, regardless of your credit score, so you are covered in every eventuality.

If you do run a fleet of vehicles, we’ll even offer you a discounted rate if each one of your cars has one of our warranties. We think it’s an easy decision, no matter how big your enterprise is.

Want to Get Covered? Then Get in Touch!

The holiday season is one of the best and most lucrative times of the year for your rideshare business and leaving things to chance where your all-important vehicle is concerned, is just too risky. The alternatives just don’t bear thinking about.

So, if you want to rid yourself of that constant, niggling worry of what would happen if your business vehicle suddenly and unexpectedly broke down, then you should give us a call on (888) 585-2525 for a no obligation consultation to find the perfect plan for your needs.

Thanks for reading our blog and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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