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Vehicle service contracts for Uber and Lyft drivers

by Rideshare Guardian

A vehicle service contract, also referred to as an extended warranty, often provides comprehensive bumper to bumper coverage for your vehicle, not only offering you peace of mind and security, but potentially saving you thousands of dollars!

Rideshare Guardian markets vehicle service contracts for Uber and Lyft as well as other rideshare companies on behalf of 3rd party administrators. Our consultants will help you determine which coverage plan is best for you. Available plans, deductibles and costs will be determined by your vehicles age, mileage and other variables.

If you have purchased a car you may enjoy the added feeling of protection with our vehicle service contract. You may feel compelled to purchase a contract to protect yourself from unexpected repairs for your vehicle that could end up being quite costly. It’s a promise to perform or pay for defined repairs and services.

RideShare Guardian offers three terms – 12, 18, or 24 months with unlimited mileage.  Uber and Lyft drivers appreciate the unlimited mileage feature because that’s one less thing they have to worry about.

One of the impressive features of our vehicle service contract is that, you can find a contract with payment options that will fit your budget. If you are unable to choose the best contract yourself, then you can get assistance from our customer support professionals about the available payment options for your budget.

Securing your cars valuable parts through contracts will help you to get assistance immediately to fix the defects which might in turn boost your cars performance. For peace of mind and security, get the protection provided by our vehicle service contract.

The benefits of purchasing our RideShare Guardian Vehicle Service Contract for your vehicle are endless. Be sure you go register with us and you will end up saving thousands of dollars in costly repairs.

No longer are you paying for miles, fronting roadside breakdowns, or worrying about problems in the future with your car. Providing nationwide coverage, Rideshare Guardian can go anywhere you want to take your ride sharing business. Consider this, an Uber extended warranty and Lyft extended warranty solution that will provide you with some peace of mind this year.

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