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The Rising Popularity of Uber and Lyft: Are You Covered?

by Rideshare Guardian

It’s no secret that the ride-sharing gig economy, dominated by Uber and Lyft today, is expanding at a rapid rate. As of November 2017, there are 7 million Uber drivers with over 50 million riders using the app. On average, there are 1 million Uber rides per day, with over 5 billion rides having been taken through the app to date. Rival app Lyft is closely following Uber, with 1.4 million registered drivers, over 1 million Lyft rides administered per day, and 500 million Lyft rides performed in total.

These numbers are double what was handed down in 2016, indicating that the amount of drivers partaking in ride-sharing is only going to increase in the next few years. However, although the apps make it all-too-easy to register yourself and your vehicle as part of the ride-sharing experience, they stop their support of you there.

Ride-Sharing Coverage?

These apps do not cover drivers with Uber warranties or Lyft warranties, leaving drivers to fend for themselves when their vehicles suffer significant wear-and-tear and on-the-job breakdowns. As independent contractors, you’re on your own, which can make these appealing jobs not so appealing anymore. No, there is no Uber protection plan or Lyft protection plan in place to support you.

What’s next?

As a ride-sharing driver, you will go through your factory warranty very quickly. For example, if you drive a brand new Toyota Camry that comes with a 3-year, 36,000-mile factory warranty, that protection will go up in flames in just 6-months if you drive 200-miles per day with the apps. Once the warranty is up, there’s no way to extend it since taxi, delivery, and ride-share drivers are excluded from the coverage.

Rideshare Guardian

As an extended service contract made with all ride-share drivers in mind, Rideshare Guardian was made for all Uber and Lyft drivers out on the road. Providing comprehensive coverage nationwide, bumper-to-bumper, including emergency roadside assistance, there is no mileage limit that you have to meet to qualify for our benefits. Based on a deductible structure, it’s just $100 per visit, with the rest being covered (including parts and labor). Stick with your favorite dealer and mechanic while Rideshare Guardian supports your ride-share business.

We want you to be able to provide for your families knowing you have an Uber extended warranty or a Lyft extended warranty in place for you. Rideshare Guardian is your driving gig economy peace of mind you never thought was possible.

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