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Rideshare Guardian: Providing Ride-Sharing Drivers with Coverage on The Road

by Rideshare Guardian

As the gig economy expands in reach and power, more individuals are finding themselves in service-sharing industries, most notably the monstrous ride sharing sector dominated by the likes of Uber and Lyft today. It’s easy enough to register a car, sign up with the apps, and start earning an income, on your own time and schedule, for providing rides to people in need of moving from location A to location B. However, with such a new and revolutionary concept, there are some coverage holes in existence today – leaving drivers liable for costs they might not be able to afford.

Currently, the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and the third-party providers do not cover vehicles that are being used, such as taxis, limos and delivery vehicles today. This leaves drivers in a role where they are responsible for covering all costs, breakdowns, repairs, and so forth that result from the wear-and-tear of burning up rubber each day.

However, that’s all about to change.

RideShare Guardian has partnered with an A-rated insurance company and experienced Third Party Administrator (TPA) to provide rideshare drivers with exclusionary (bumper-to-bumper) coverage.

Bumper to Bumper Coverage

  • With no mileage limit, relying on just a time limit, RideShare Guardian is prioritizing ride sharing drivers who end up clocking thousands more miles than their other transportation counterparts.
  • Including roadside assistance, like towing, flat tire assistance, fuel, oil, fluid, water delivery, lock-out assistance, and battery assistance, RideShare Guardian is a comprehensive solution for drivers.
  • Also providing nationwide coverage, RideShare Guardian is accepted by all registered repair facilities anywhere throughout the country.
  • Low deductibles mean that RideShare Guardian offers just $100 per visit deductible.
  • When a vehicle is sold, RideShare Guardian is transferrable to the new owner.

Yes, that means that RideShare Guardian acts as an Uber warranty, Lyft warranty, Uber protection plan, and Lyft protection plan for all drivers out and about on the roads today.

RideShare Guardian Now Available

As of mid-2017, it was announced that Uber has 2 million drivers on the road, with 400,000 residing specifically in the U.S. Additionally, Lyft has more than 315,000 drivers, though both of these numbers have indefinitely increased since they were reported in 2017. That’s a massive class of working people who are driving without the warranty protection they deserve as individuals partaking in roadway activity, safeguarding their passengers at every turn.

No longer will drivers have to worry about fronting the repair to their cars with available cash. RideShare Guardian covers both parts and labor as well as roadside assistance for you, so you can focus on keeping your cars running to make more money. The entire basis of your business is the functionality of your car, and like other drivers, you deserve the protection and support you need to flourish in the new gig economy, ride-sharing world of today.

That support comes with RideShare Guardian.

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